I have reported from many countries of the world during my 15 years as a journalist, mainly for the Financial Times. Here is a sample of my work.

NIGERIA (Sign up required to access FT site)

Oil in troubled waters

Love in the time of war – interview with the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Financial Times extract from A Swamp Full of Dollars (Into the heart of the Niger Delta oil war):

SYRIA  (Sign up required to access FT site)

Syrian revolt creeps closer to Damascus

Syria on the edge

Army inflicts revenge on Damascus rebels

A second winter of war

Syrian massacre is veiled in silence

South Sudan  (Sign up required to access FT site)

‘Resource curse’ looms over southern Sudan

Murky oil deal leaves locals short-changed

BAE Systems (Sign up required to access FT site)

‘People could die’: how the inquiry into BAE’s Saudi deals was brought to earth


Other Articles (all accessible without sign-up requirement)
Piece for Granta from a US warship in West Africa (Paradox of plenty):

Piece for New Statesman on African oil and Equatorial Guinea (The big African oil grab):

Chatham House articles for download

Chatham House report on the Crisis in the Niger Delta. Crisis in the Niger Delta: How failures of transparency and accountability are Destroying the Region. Briefing Paper by Michael Peel, July 2005.
Download PDF Download paper here (opens in an external window)

Chatham House report on Nigeria related Financial Crime and its links with Britain. Chatham House Report by Michael Peel, November 2006.
Download PDF Download paper here (opens in an external window)