Syria bind opens door to extremists

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The latest attacks in central Damascus illustrate clearly the ability of rebel forces to strike at the heart of President Assad’s regime. But political and military stalemate mean the crisis is likely to drag on, providing an opportunity for the rebellion’s more extreme elements to proliferate. Seb Morton-Clark hears the latest from the FT’s Michael Peel in Damascus, with analysis in London from Roula Khalaf, Middle East editor. From Sep 28 2012.

Egyptian revolution

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Reporting from Tahrir Square in Cairo, Michael Peel, Middle East correspondent, says that despite Egyptian vice president Omar Suleiman’s promise of a peaceful and “orderly transition”, protesters are still willing to continue demonstrations until president Murabak leaves office. From Jan 27 2011.

A hot summer in Damascus

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The FT’s Michael Peel reports on how tension is building up in Damascus since the departure of UN observers and explains how people fleeing combat areas are reshaping the conflict. From Jun 28 2012.

Riots in Cairo

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Fighting has erupted in the centre of Cairo as supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak clashed in Tahrir Square. Michael Peel, FT Middle East correspondent reports. From Feb 2 2011.

Tunisia inspires Egypt protests

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Michael Peel, Middle East correspondent, talks to Daniel Garrahan down the line from Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the site of a large-scale confrontation between Egyptian anti-regime protesters and security forces, about the significance of the demonstrations.  From Jan 26 2011